Electronic Plan Review

Electronic plan review. The staff of TRB+ have been leaders in the field of electronic plan review and workflow management. Adoption of an electronic plan review process offers a way for your agency’s constituents to save both time and money, and serves as a means for your agency to promote sustainable development through reduced generation of paper waste.

TRB+ has a proven system in place to facilitate the electronic review of plan submittals, and possesses a capable team well-versed in building safety plan review utilizing electronic media. As a testament to our electronic plan review capabilities, we have successfully processed over 5,000 electronic plan review submittal packages comprising approximately 25,000 separate documents using our web-based system.

By way of background, TRB’s electronic plan review process was developed with the goal of finding an innovative, yet simple and practical means for accurately and reliably transmitting, communicating, and tracking plan review documents and findings from the point of permit application to permit issuance and document archiving. TRB’s current system incorporates best-practices as drawn from our over eight years of production-level electronic plan review experience.